Copper Theft Training

Metal Theft Training
by Cops for Cops


Copper Theft Training is a service provided by the metal theft experts of Copper Theft Solutions to help law enforcement agencies understand how to successfully prosecute thieves stealing copper and other metals. The training is provided by practicing law enforcement officers from the San Francisco Police Department. Susan Lavin is a metal theft expert and Patrick Brady has served as an undercover officer and has expertise investigating crime online utilizing computer technology. The combined experience of Sue and Pat enables them to provide a comprehensive training program that will give you a detailed understanding of the law, what motivates a criminal to steal metal, how to make an arrest and how to make the prosecution stick. Learn about the cycle of drug users, such as meth, and how they steal copper and other metals to fund their drug habits.

Effective copper and metal theft prevention involves monitoring junk dealers to ensure that they are abiding by law when they are making purchases and not trafficking in stolen goods. Understand when you have probable cause to detain and question someone in association with metal theft. Gain the knowledge of the metal theft ecosystem - how perpetrators of this crime live and who is involved in performing the crime and who recycles the stolen property.

Our course is relevant for people in law enforcement from all agencies including police departments, sheriffs and investigators. This course would also be of interest to people working at utility companies, railroads, security companies and any other organization looking to protect themselves from metal theft. We provide training nationwide, see our full training details to find a course near you or contact us to get more details or request a training course be put on in your location.

Copper Theft Solutions Company Information

Copper Theft Solutions LLC, was formed due to the extensive rise in the problem of Copper Theft and its related crimes.

Metal theft is probably the fastest growing and most misunderstood crimes in the United States. Globally this costs billions to Federal, State and Local Governments. Businesses and individuals are also victims of this crime.

Our company consists of current law enforcement officers who have and are actively working with State and Local Government in California to update and enhance the laws in this area. Our Strategy is to educate all branches of law enforcement in the arrest and prosecution of these copper thieves.

We also endeavor to show that there is a correlation between stealing metal and drug abuse. Methamphetamine use in particular is closely related to this crime and the dangers involved are not just to the Copper Thief, but to the responding cops and the public.

Our trainers are adept in the electronic tracking of these crimes and we provide an introduction to various systems including “Leadsonline”.

With this training we provide you with our knowledge and experience this area. Our trainers are active patrol officers who have unique knowledge and understanding of these crimes.

We work with various Media outlets who help put the message out. For example, Stanley Roberts “People Behaving Badly” has been at the forefront in educating the San Francisco Bay Area about this problem.