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Professional training provided by practicing Law Enforcement Officers on copper theft and other metal theft.

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We are very proud of the results our training has driven. The training provided to Long Beach Police Department (L.B.P.D.) has seen a successful Metal Theft pilot program take place. A press release of L.B.P.D.'s decision to continue their metal impact program is very exciting and we hope to train other law enforcement organizations so they can implement successful programs.


Copper Theft

Copper and other metal theft has reached epidemic problems both within the US and globally. According to the US Department of Energy, copper theft is a $1billion problem. Metal theft is on the rise due to increased motivation and opportunity. Motivation is fueled by high metal prices based on significant international demand for metals such as copper. Opportunity exists in many places as there are large amounts of unsecured metal that is in high demand. Meth and other drug users have been capitalizing on this demand, the availability of these metals and the weak regulations around the resale of metal to create a means of supporting their habits.

Common targets for copper theives include:

We're working to stop this cycle of metal theft to support drug abuse. Our training will provide you with details on how to join this fight. We're proud to have trained several California Highway Patrol officers and pleased to share some CHP tips for spotting copper theft.


Susan Lavin In The News

Susan Lavin is the founder and lead presenter of Copper Theft Solutions. Sue has been instrumental in helping shape the metal theft laws in California and has featured in several San Francisco Chronicle articles.

Permit Enforcement


Officer Susan Lavin launches enforcement of a City ordinance to crack down on metal theft. Sue is pictured above with two of her colleagues and a local recycler as they enforce the City's permit law for sale of scrap metal.

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Permit Law


Officer Susan Lavin comments on the laws requiring anyone who sells scrap metal in the City to one of the junk recyclers to have a permit.

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Changing Legislation


There are many laws already in place to support the effective prosecution of metal thieves and drug users involved in the crime. Our training provides you with everything you need to know about the current laws as well as proposed legislation.

Senator Tom Berryhill has been instrumental in changing the laws to enable Law Enforcement to successfully prosecute metal thieves, for example AB 844.

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Supervisor Malia Cohen passed legislation to better regulate the sale of junk materials in San Francisco. This includes:

•  Reforming the existing permitting process
•  Requiring junk dealers to renew their permits annually
•  Restricting who can sell junk
•  Enabling the Police Department to suspend or revoke permits for dealers
    who violate the ordinance

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WRCTCThe Western Regional Counterdrug Training Center's mission is to provide the highest quality training at the lowest possible cost to all those involved in the fight against drug trafficking and substance abuse. All of our training is tuition FREE, and is available for law enforcement officers, treatment and prevention professionals and community coalition members and military personnel. Classes are being added continuously. On-site courses are conducted at Camp Murray, Tacoma, Washington, near Joint Base Lewis - McChord. Mobile counterdrug training is also available and may be scheduled upon request. Please explore our website to see our current course offerings. For further information and requests for training, contact WRCTC at 877-311-2699 or 253-512-8706 or by fax 253-512-8220.


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